Skilled Workers´ Alliance

Skilled Workers´ Alliance

Joining forces to fight the lack of skilled workers

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The lack of skilled workers is one of the State's burning issues. The consequences of our ageing society can be seen even today, as some industries are desperately searching for skilled workers and trainees. This problem will intensify in the future if corrective measures are not implemented continually.

The Skilled Workers' Alliance is bringing together for the first time all of the partners in Baden-Württemberg working on securing skilled workers in the State. They have agreed on a catalogue of objectives with ten action fields, and pledged to evaluate them regularly. Moreover, the Skilled Workers' Alliance is implementing a joint programme for securing specialist workers. The programme for skilled workers is updated regularly. For further information, please refer to the brochure (in German) entitled "Fachkräfteallianz Baden-Wuerttemberg - Ziele, Bilanz und Massnahmen 2015".

The ten objectives of the Skilled Workers' Alliance are to:
1.   Strengthen vocational training
2.    Expand vocational further education
3.    Increase the number of women in der workplace
4.   Increase the number of older people in employment
5.    Integrate people with a migrant background into the employment market more effectively
6.    Cut unemployment: particularly long-term unemployment
7.    Increase the level of full-time employment
8.    Increase the number of employees in engineering, where ther is a particular shortage
9.    Bring about targeted immigration
10.   Establish regional Skilled Workers´ Alliances


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